+ HVAC and plumbing design
+ Production technology design


+ Building engineering expertise
+ Building engineering expertise
+ Building physics expertise


+ Technical supervision
+ Site supervision

Our company has been engaged in technical building service design, expertise and technical inspection since 1999. In the years since its foundation, we have been involved in the design and construction of various fields of building services and industrial technology.

In addition to my design practice, I worked in construction for almost 25 years as the managing director of one of the largest building engineering construction companies in the region.

In recent years, we have further increased our design capacity in view of the increased design responsibilities. Our design office, with accumulated many years of professional experience, has participated in the design and implementation of many domestic and foreign projects to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. Our references include smaller and larger residential buildings, production halls of many thousands of square meters, hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, sports facilities, industrial and sanitary cleanrooms, and chemical technology.

Olivér Orosz
HVAC engineer and expert
general manager


0 +
tens of thousands kW of
heating and cooling capacity
0 +
hundreds of thousands of m2
0 +
millions of m3/h
air volume

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